Gamification: Enhancing Content Marketing through Games

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Gamification: Enhancing Content Marketing through Games

Thursday, September 8 – 3:15 PM

Business leaders and executives, many of whom have grown up with video games themselves, are now producing, marketing and selling products to ever larger generations of teen, 20 and 30-somethings who interact with video, mobile and computer games on a daily basis.

Marketing professionals from Fortune 500 to non-profits, from the UN to government agencies, have taken note of this cultural influence of gaming on society and are starting to engage with their audiences by embedding game strategy and game techniques into their communications activities.

In this Content Marketing World Fireside Chat, we’ll cover the following game strategy concepts as they pertain to Content Marketing:

  1. The Latent Power of Mystery and Problem-solving as the Basis of Engagement and Participation
  2. Social Gaming: Leveraging the Collective Wisdom of the Crowd
  3. Transmedia Storytelling: What it is, and Why You Should Care
  4. The Core Experience: Going Beyond Levels, Rewards and Unlocks
  5. Examples of Game Strategy in Marketing
  6. 5 Key Game Strategy Takeaways for Content Marketing



Russell SparkmanRussell Sparkman

CEO, Fusionspark Media

Russell is a new-media craftsman and content marketing producer with more than 25 years of visual communications experience. In 1999, he co-founded Fusionspark Media, a new media production and marketing communications firm that inspires, informs and influences through authentic online content in support of corporate, non-profit and government communications initiatives. As CEO, he has played key roles in all company projects, including business development, production, photography, videography, and content strategy. Russell is also the founder/executive director of the Langley Center for New Media, and sits on the board of directors of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and the Whidbey Institute for the Contemporary Arts.


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