Killer Email Content Strategies that Can’t Miss

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Killer Email Content Strategies
that Can’t Miss 

Thursday, September 8 – 3:15 PM

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to translate all of the excellent content strategy advice we have at our fingertips these days into an actual plan. As helpful as those tips are, they don’t write the emails for you. These email content ideas will help you tell your company’s story one email at a time.

Join Susan Blue, Director of Content at Emma, to see some super effective email content strategies in action. You’ll get real examples of emails that tell a brand story and practical techniques for transforming your content strategy ideas into something tangible. (Something with a “send” button, even.)

This session is for you if …

  • You know content is all about telling stories, but you aren’t sure what that means day-to-day.
  • You want your emails to showcase your brand.
  • You want practical tips for implementing your content strategy.
  • You want helpful examples for creating great emails.
  • You like Joan Didion or Don DeLillo, but not Jane Austen. Just kidding — Jane Austen is cool.
  • You’re curious how to shape your content to suit email’s unique qualities.



Susan Blue

Susan Blue

Director of Content – Emma

Susan Blue is the Director of Content for email marketing company Emma. Susan has worked as an editor, writer and manager in online media since the late ’90s, when she left her first career as an English teacher and leapt into the world of start-ups in San Francisco. At companies from to AOL, she developed content and strategies to build and engage all kinds of audiences. Now working at Emma, she’s back in San Francisco where she started, finding new ways to showcase great content.

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